Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Toronto Sights – places to visit

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To get around and see Toronto Sights must be tackled first and foremost, as there’s great debate within the city about driving downtown. I think the general message simplified is; don’t drive if you don’t have to, and so public transport is the next best option.

The good news is that Toronto has what’s called the (TTC) metro or Toronto Transit Commission – aside from the more nationalized ‘GO’ travel network – these are modern, cheap, and a clean means of seeing Toronto sights, on subways, buses, trolleys and the famous Toronto ‘Street car’. I don’t know if it’s named ‘Desire’ but with plenty of options suggested for Toronto sights, we’ll move on to the good stuff….

If its culture you’re seeking then Toronto’s the place to be; home to an amazing array of art galleries, from aboriginal and virtual, to local fine arts and crafts, civic centers and mazes of historic Toronto sights, along with opera, orchestra and theater companies. And all, before you’ve visited the air Canada center, took in a game at the Sky Dome, and climbed the CN Tower. The Toronto zoo is also located in Scarborough, but it’s advisable to check opening times to avoid disappointment.

The next best Toronto sights and attractions, besides the skyscrapers, has to be the shopping – from the Eaton Center to Sherway gardens – vintage Toronto sights – the choice is multiple for anything the mind can dream of, and all with the hospitality the city offers. Toronto sights are plentiful.

Without traveling too far, Toronto’s entertainment district spans eight blocks along Queen and King St. Routes, housing every type of entertainment imaginable. With a host of dining choices, pubs, bars and upscale bistro’s, it is certainly worth a visit after a long day talking in the Toronto sights.