Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Important Tips, Tricks, and Apps to Aid Your Language Learning

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Did you know new language learning can be more fun than you thought? Here are a few tips, tricks, and apps to aid your language learning process.

In a modern world characterized by globalization, people must learn to adapt. In a similar manner that businesses adapt to the external environment, so must humans to changes in their world.

Globalization in trade creates the need to learn a new language. Currently, multinational corporations are setting up operations in almost every corner of the world. This means they will require employees to work in new organizations. For example, imagine a situation where you are appointed as the regional manager of a new branch in Hawaii. You can always rely on online translator to  translate Hawaiian to English. Hence, you will have to learn the local dialect to be able to work in the new environment.

There is also need to learn new languages because traveling has become easier. Some individuals like to visit new places as a hobby. They manage to travel because airline prices have become lower in recent decades.

Among the reasons why people travel to different parts of the world is to learn about new cultures. What better way to appreciate a new culture than learning their language? The best way to interact with new people is by making efforts to blend in. Learning their language would be a safe bet to do this.

In the old times, people relied on classes to learn a new language. However, the world has evolved. And so, has language learning. This is why this article will offer you innovative tips and tricks to learn a new language so that you can travel to any part of the world.

Derive Fun from the Language Learning Process

You cannot learn a new language unless you enjoy doing it. The best thing about the non-conventional ways of learning a new language is that no one is testing you. This is good enough motivation to feel confident even when you make mistakes in your learning process. It is also the reason why language apps and online courses rely on gamification. They want you to enjoy doing it.

Adopt Spaced Repetition as a Learning Trick

The theory behind spaced repetition is that you have a higher possibility of retaining new information if you frequently learn it over time segments. The concept is based on the forgetting curve theory proposed by Hermann Ebbinghaus. The theory argues that human beings quickly forget things within short periods.

Do not mistake spaced repetition for cramming. Spaced repetition is reliant on creating space between each time you memorize new information. Spaced Repetition software such as Super Memo can help you effectively space between each time you learn new information. The idea is minimizing the time required to memorize and retain your new language.

Devote Time to the Language Learning Process

Like any other project, language learning requires commitment. You have to spare time from your busy schedule to practice on your pronunciation and vocabularies. The beauty of it is that you do not have to mess with your busy schedule. With the use of different phone apps, you can easily create time to practice your new language. For example, while commuting to and from work, that may take from thirty minutes to two hours, you can use that time for language learning.

Have You Tried TV as Your Teacher?

If you thought new language learning is not fun, you have not tried all the innovative ways of doing it. How about learning a new language during your TV entertainment period? Yeah, that’s right, your tv can be a good language teacher. For example, you can watch your favorite Spanish TV Show and use it to learn their language. How? Just use subtitles if you are a beginner, and as you advance, watch the ones without them; use their pronunciations, and non-verbal communication cues to help you understand the new language.

Learn Through Socialization

The simplest way to learn a new culture is through socialization with individuals from that culture. Similarly, language can be learned through interacting with people using that language or are in the process of learning it.

Therefore, meeting up with friends or other learners for practice sessions will positively impact your learning process. How do you find such groups? Do an online search of language events, meetup groups, or partners near your locality.

Don’t Be a Stickler of the Rules

The worst mistake most language learners make is complicating the learning process. One way they do this is by being too concerned about the rules. Even though understanding the grammatical rules and concepts of the new language is considered critical, it doesn’t have to be that serious. Practice leads to perfection in language learning. The rules are just things you can pick on the way as you perfect your new language.

Don’t Be Concerned About Embarrassing Yourself

As mentioned, language learning requires enough practice. While practicing, everyone is allowed to make mistakes. Therefore, do not let the mistakes you make deter you from your final mission of new language learning. Normally, those you are communicating with will automatically correct you.

Come Up with Fun Ways of Learning the Language

At times, studying a foreign language may be hard and turn boring for you. The memorizing and practicing process may make it dull. However, you have to overcome this negative feeling by coming up with fun ways of learning the language. For example, draft a poem in the foreign language you are practicing. Better still, how about listening to music and singing along to lyrics of the new language?

Try Apps That Can Aid Your Learning Process

There are several apps out there to help you learn a new language. Some are available for free, while others can be downloaded for a small fee. Below is a list of those apps:

It is a very common language learning app. It is available in the free and paid version. The free version has about 13 languages that you can study in 40 lessons. It utilizes pictures and examples to help you understand new vocabularies and their usage.

  • Busuu

Contains both free and subscription-based features. The yearly subscription is about $34.99. There are 12 languages to learn through interacting and listening to audios by native speakers.

  • Rosetta Stone

It is one of the most popular language-learning apps. The app contains about 24 languages. Even though it is a subscription app at $7.49 a month, many learners love it. Reason being it uses both images and real-life experiences for language training.

  • Duolingo

It is a Popular free language learning app. It is a favorite app among most learners because of its use of gamification to facilitate language learning. It even contains rare languages such as Klingon and Guarani.

  • Memrise

It is known for using animated games to aid in language learning. It is also common for using memes that create fun in language learning. It is also popular for having a spaced repetition software required in language learning.

Time to Give It a Try

Based on the tips and tricks provided, shouldn’t language learning be fun? Pick a few tricks here and start learning the language that is spoken in your next destination. Even if you do not have travel plans currently, plan for the places you dream of visiting in future and starting learning the local dialect early. It will make your trip worthwhile when the time comes.