Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

French Language Vocabulary

2 min read

Learning new words can really exhaust your brain and leave you feeling tired and frustrated.  It can be difficult to learn a language and there are thousands of words in the dictionary.  So how can you learn French language vocabulary and is it possible to do so quickly?

The answer to this is yes, the French language may have a lot of words, but actually there are many less words in French than in English.  It is estimated that French has around 25% of the words that English has in terms of the total word count.  French is all about pursuing how to use the words that you know in order to convey what you wish to say.  French language vocabulary is not overly difficult and it is all generally easy to spell providing it’s correctly pronounced.

There is no reason why you should stare at a list for hours, as you will only hurt your head.  I don’t even try to memorize my shopping list in this way, so why not give your brain a break and find a more enjoyable and effective way to learn a language?

You could try an interactive course to help you with this task.  If you learn in a way which combines sounds and words, even pictures as well, you will have a far greater chance of remembering them on a more long-term basis.  This can help your conversation become more diverse and give you the confidence to tackle even more complex areas.

French language vocabulary could be learned as part of a more interactive process in which you actually repeat and use the language as part of a quiz or game. This is far more fun than tiring your brain while looking at a list for hours.  The feeling of fleeting concentration is not nice, so you need to make it fun, enjoyable and worthwhile.

There are many online French courses that could help you learn that French language vocabulary in next to no time.  These courses are a good value and very effective. They will build up your vocabulary in a very short space of time and ensure you keep it stuck in your head long after you stop learning.  This has to be better than a boring list-staring session in which you go absolutely nowhere.  It’s also far more fun and will have you coming back for more and more after you finish each session.

French language vocabulary is sometimes difficult and you should not try to learn it all in one go.  You should let the experts guide you through the language and teach you the words you need to know at a good pace that is both comfortable and effective.  This is much more interesting that the long and tiresome list-watching technique and so much more colorful.  It’s got to be worth a try, so put that dictionary down and give your brain a power workout.