Tue. Apr 20th, 2021

Amazing Toba Lake : The Biggest Lake in Southeast Asia

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North Sumatra’s iconic site and already known worldwide is Toba Lake. Toba Lake is located in Toba-Samosir district, five hour drive from the capital city of North Sumatra, Medan. Toba Lake is the biggest lake in Southeast Asia, second biggest in the world after Victoria Lake in Africa.

It’s situated 900 m above sea level. The atmosphere here is fresh and relaxing, lake so big and green hills surrounding. It’s hard to imagine a better vacation spot in North Sumatra other than this breathtaking lake.

Tourist activity concentrated on Parapat village on one side of Toba Lake. Here you can find accommodations like hotels, hostels, even home stays. You can do lots of water-related activity sports, like jet-skiing, banana boat, swan bike, etc.

In the middle of this lake, there’s an island called Samosir Island. And in Samosir Island, there are two small lakes called Sidihoni Lake and Aek Natonang Lake. Lakes inside lake. What about that? If you choose to stay at Samosir Island, you sure can. There are ships that will take you there. You can drive there via Humbang Hasandutan district through Parlilitan village. You will get a view of Toba Lake from the top of the hill on your way to Samosir Island. The road is about three meters wide and downhill with amazing view of cliffs and pine trees.

You can find accommodations in Tuktuk village. Among things you can do in Samosir Island are trekking, swimming, fishing, playing kite at Bukit Beta Kite International, natural hot water spring bathing, camping, and just simply enjoying the view. You can rent a motorcycle or bicycle to get around the island. The road is quite challenging but its worth the view from the highest spot of the island.

The best time to visit Toba Lake is when Lake Toba Festival is held. There are various activity, such as tortor dance (Batak traditional dance) competitions, ulos (Batak traditional fabric) waving competitions, ulos fashion show, boat races, and other music, arts, craft, and sport activities.